Stavros Degiannakis

Dr. Stavros Degiannakis received his PhD in Statistics from Athens University of Economics and Business. He graduated from the Athens University of Economics and Business, where he completed his studies in Statistics. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Econometrics from the University of Essex. His research interests are in the areas of applied and theoretical financial econometrics (ultra-high frequency data analysis, option pricing, risk modelling) and statistics (marketing metrics, multivariate distributions, forecasting ability, time series analysis). He has also served as econometrician for companies in private and public sector (Bank of Greece, University of Portsmouth, Economic Chamber of Greece, Inventive, Hellenic Parliament etc.). He has also served as Marie Curie Research Fellow in two projects funded by the EU under the 7th Framework Program.

Stavros Degiannakis
Associate Professor, Member of the BoD
Regional and Economic Development, Panteion University
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