IATRC 2019 Summer Symposium - "Novel approaches for accounting & monitoring carbon sequestration and the socioeconomic impacts of tree crops in Southern Europe"
Seville, Spain
K. Bithas, A. Kolimenakis, A. Mimis
Climatico - "Algorithm for the calculation of tree crops’ CO2 Removal Capacity"
Limassol, Cyprus
I. Spanos, A. Sotiropoulos, E. Evergetis, P. Roussos, A. Mimis
European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology- "The epidemic risks from new mosquito borne diseases in Greece in economic terms"
Saint Julian's, Malta
A. Kolimenakis, D. Latinopoulos, C. Richardson, K. Bithas, A. Michaelakis, D. Papachristos
15th Congress of the International Society for Ecological Economics- "A holistic approach for the socioeconomic evaluation of mosquito borne diseases in a changing environment. The cases of Greece and Mexico"
Puebla, Mexico
A. Kolimenakis, D. Latinopoulos, C. Richardson, K. Bithas
14th Int. Conference "Protection & Restor. of the Enviroment- "Exploring public preferences and priorities for controlling invasive mosquito species; The implementation of a web survey in Greek households for the case of the Asian Tiger Mosquito
Thessaloniki, Greece
K. Bithas, D. Latinopoulos, A. Kolimenakis, C. Richardson, K. Lagouvardos, A. Michaelakis
12th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, "On urban trends, health and mosquitoes; The evaluation of welfare levels for the control of the Asian tiger mosquito in the city of Athens"
Budapest, Hungary
A. Kolimenakis, D. Latinopoulos, K. Bithas
23rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists- "A choice experiment analysis for controlling invasive and native mosquitoes in the Athens metropolitan area, Greece"
Athens, Greece
A. Kolimenakis, C. Richardson, K. Bithas, D.Latinopoulos
The 7th HO PhD Symposium on Contemporary Greece and Cyprus, London School of Economics and Political Science- "The importance of the economic appraisal of public control and prevention strategies in Greece in the era of economic crisis"
London, UK
A. Kolimenakis
12th International Conference "Protection & Restoration of the Environment - PRE12"- “A cost-effectiveness analysis of the public control expenditures against the 2011 Malaria outbreak in the Greek Region of Lakonia”
Skiathos, Greece
A. Baka, K. Bithas, A. Kolimenakis, D. Pervanidou
19th Conference of the European Society for Vector Ecology- “An economic analysis of the 2010 West Nile Virus (WNV) outbreak in the Greek Region of Central Macedonia”,
Thessaloniki, Greece
S. Kalaitzopoulou, A. Kolimenakis, S. Mourelatos, C. Richardson, K. Bithas