The Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources (UEHR) was founded in 1995 under the Department of Economic and Regional Development of Panteion University. It is a legal person governed by public law and is subject to the legislative status of the Research Institutes Law Decree 2083/92. UEHR is a result of the evolution of the Laboratory of Geographical Information Systems, founded in 1989 by the Department of Urban and Regional Development of the Panteion University.

The main areas of dedicated activities of the Institute are: Education - Research - Scientific Publications - Scientific Workshops - Research Projects. The Institute contributes to undergraduate and postgraduate education within and beyond the Department of Economic and Regional Development of the Panteion University and is “a place for hosting” doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. The key focus areas of the Institute's activities are: Urban Environment, Urban Planning and Human Resources, Economic Dimensions of the Urban Environment, Sustainable Cities, Real Estate Market, Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services, Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development, Management of Water Resources and the Socioeconomic aspects of Climate Change in urban and rural contexts.

UEHR has developed over the last decade collaborations and know-how exchanges with accredited  National Research institutes and Universities, as well as major EU and International Academic Institutions.

UEHR has an uninterrupted scientific presence, with publications in reputable international scientific journals, and announcements at important international scientific conferences. At the same time, there is an going publication activity of books intended for university teaching in more than 16 departments of Greek universities.