Life Climatree

Α novel approach for accounting & monitoring carbon sequestration of tree crops and their potential as carbon sink areas

(LIFE14 CCM/GR/000635) is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the programme LIFE + Environment Policy and Governance. (2015-2020, extended to 2022)

Coordinating Beneficiary: Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources, Panteion University 

Associated Beneficiaries: Agricultural University of Athens, The Spanish National Research Council, University of Basilicata in Italy, Research Committee - University of Western Macedonia, TERRA NOVA Ltd Environmental Engineering Consultancy 

Project Duration: 07/15 – 06/20 (extended to 2022)

Summary of the Project: The ClimaTree project aims to contribute towards the development of a novel methodology and an innovative tool for the quantification of carbon storage in permanent tree-crops. The European Parliament and the Council have invited the Commission to assess the possibilities for inclusion of LULUCF into the EU's climate policy and if necessary put forward a legislative proposal (Article 9 of Decision 406/2009/EC).  

“Official Website: LIFE CLIMATREE”